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Runs on: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are supported, each both 32 and 64 bit.
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User interface: English, Arabic.
Improve your English listening & speaking skills using a smart learning system without Internet connection
Learning English by cards is a very effective way

We are aiming to make your English learning experience rich, easy, and fun, remember that every day practice is key to make you better at english, just use English2cards everyday and download the learning card sets and you will experience the best English improvement of your life.
A Smart Solution to Speak English Fluently


English2Cards is a smart English learning system designed to improve listening & speaking skills without Internet connection using great learning files.
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Listening lessons
Audio lessons
Video lessons
& Conversations
Get all of these inside cards which will be reviewed automatically and repeatedly at different time intervals depending on your rating of each card's difficulty in order to be able to use what you learned in your English speaking spontaneously without thinking
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Build your English fluency using these card sets which include a lot of audio & video files with interactive text. In addition learn English core vocabulary words, the most commonly used words in English language which enable you to understand about 90% of everyday English conversations, newspaper and magazine articles, and English used in the workplace. The remaining 10% you'll be able to understand from context, or ask questions about.
Learning Files (Card Sets):

Learn the real, natural English and improve your listening and speaking skills using great learning files. Download our card set files FREE from here and start learning without internet connection.
Efficient Learning System "Repetition Helps You To Remember"

Every day, English2Cards displays a number of cards for learning and revision depending on your study plan of each card set. The difficult cards will be reviewed more often than the easier ones. By listening to the same conversations many times you will learn and memorize new vocabularies & phrases and be able to use them in your speaking.

Of course, you can create your own cards for new words (or lessons) to review later and insert voice recordings, picture, audio, video files.
Interactive Text
"Do Not Worry About Strange Or Forgotten Words During Learning"

Remembering the meaning of words and expanding your vocabulary will always be the most important part of learning English, Thus using English2Cards you can remember any word in the text with one click by searching for it's card.

In addition getting translation (50 languages supported), pronunciation and examples for new words and then create new cards to review later.
Watch Learning Videos With Interactive Subtitles Text

Watch learning videos with interactive subtitles text, which enables you to remember words in the video  and to get translation for any new word during watching.

You can watch videos with TWO subtitles, for example the first for English and the second for Arabic. This helps you to learn a lot of new words and phrases while watching your favorite videos.

You can control the speed of audio and video for better understanding
Create Audio Records During Learning
"Recording yourself helps your brain remember words better"

While learning practice speaking by creating voice recordings within the cards for the new words or phrases you've just learned. when your daily study is finished, you can make an MP3 file containing all your recordings so that you can listen to it later, anywhere, on any device, so you are able to revise yourself and build self confidence.
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Select each card difficulty and go to the next one, the more difficult cards will be reviewed more often than the easier ones, so practice the cards that you are about to forget in order to remember and memorize the English words and phrases well and be able to use them in real conversations
During learning, remember any forgotten word by selecting it and click "Search for card" to open the card for this word, then you can edit or rate it for the next revision
Do not worry about the strange words, you can get the translation, pronunciation and examples of any new word and then create new card to review it later
Expand your vocabulary by watching learning videos with two interactive subtitles text, which enable you to remember and get translation of any word in subtitles text

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